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recorder of transactions
From 04 of January 2020 we could work with recorder of transactions that transmits data to the tax service

It is not difficult to start working with registrar of transactions, but you need to prepare organizationally and morally.

The first thing you need is to have an electronic digital signature (EDS) key for your private individual or company. This key will be used to sign all receipt that will be sent to the tax server. The key and password from it stays with you all the time, because it's the same as your "live" signature.

Having an EDS key, you can on the tax website in the electronic office of the taxpayer , In the Reporting section, submit a Application for registration of a software registrar (1-PRORO) . That is, inform the tax office that you will work with the RRO. We also submit another application: Notification of the provision of information on a qualified public key certificate is a statement of who (whose key) will work on the new RRO.

That's all, the recorder of transactions is registered. Then in the top menu AutoSelling click on the RRO widget button, select the key file and enter the password. In the section "Settings" - "Software RRO" click Add RRO, specify the name of the cashier, select PPO from among the available for this key. Click Save and you can open the change and work. All questions and nuances of work will be explained by phone.

The system update was released on November 06, 2020

In the next update of the system, an online chat with support service directly in the system has been added. Users can now ask questions directly from where they are and get an answer right away. Customer support responds to chat even on weekends.

In the section Accounting the possibility to form acts of reconciliation on clients for any period is added.

Another innovation was the ability to manage the fleet: in the customer's card added the ability to edit the list of cars and issue invoices to the customer in terms of cars for which spare parts were ordered. You can also write to the customer all unpaid bills with one button.

In addition to the possibility of transferring balances from 1C, the ability to import warehouse balances from UkrSklad in xml format has been added.

Next, we plan to develop the Services section. Follow the news.

The system update was released on 07 of September 2020

The system has completely updated the design. Now the work has become even more convenient, and in addition, it is now much more convenient to work with a tablet. Minor nuances in convenience and speed have made the system even more user friendly.

API integration with Exist Ukraine provider has also been added. You can get fresh prices and crosses of Exist for any item found in the store.

Selection and sale of spare parts in AutoSelling

There is a new short video about the search and selection of spare parts in our system. Search by the original code, by words, transition on crosses, creation of the order. Write comments or questions on the functionality under the video.

Spare parts suppliers integration news

We continue to develop the functionality of AutoSelling. We have added two more suppliers which has implemented API-interaction with AutoSelling. These are Elit Ukraine and ASG. A complete list of companies with which there is already full integration is: Elit, ASG: Busmarket, UnicTrade and Omega. In addition to price-lists, our customers from these suppliers can receive information on prices and balances in warehouses online, as well as send them their orders online, if this is provided for by their capabilities. In addition, we have expanded the list of suppliers whose prices are automatically loaded into the system, added: SCar, 911auto, AutoZapas, PlanetAuto, OilParts, PartLine, Bastion. And now we are ready to automatically upload to the system product offers from the 21 supplier of spare parts in Ukraine and transfer it to customer’s websites.

Our goal is to give shops and car services the best program for the automation of service stations and the spare parts shops in Ukraine.

May 29, 2020

The main innovation of the release was the integration with the web-API of the first three suppliers: Busmarket, Unik-Trade and Omega AvtoPostavka . Now the user can request the actual availability of the required part with one "Update" button, and get its prices and availability in all warehouses of these suppliers.

In addition, a list of ordered goods destined for these suppliers can be sent to their sites with one click and create relevant orders there. This is in the section Deliveries - Ordering goods. In order for API integration to work, you need to register access keys (tokens) issued by these providers in the settings.

The system update was released on May 15, 2020

Another update of the system functionality has been released. New features are now available:
In the tab Delivery - Order goods added columns: Quantity in stock, Stars, icon Analogues in stock, Groups, Customer.
In the invoices for the receipt of goods added a column In stock (quantity), next to the prices of the arrows are green and red, which show more expensive or cheaper goods and how much (as directed).
New sections have been added to Settings: general settings, print settings
Added payment for the order with bonuses, the balance of bonuses is shown in the order header.
In groups, two additions were added. settings: additional bonus percentage when selling goods from this group and Additional margin / discount for goods from this group. When selling goods from this group, additional bonuses are added to the amount of sales.
New reports in statistics: Sending goods to other branches, Payments to their branches.
In the invoices added button to print all stickers at once. If the quantity of any goods in the consignment note is more than 10, one copy of the sticker for this position is printed

AutoSelling analitics
The system update was released on May 01, 2020

New AutoSelling features:
Settings section: cash accounts, where you can add cash, settings of suppliers' warehouses, the price date is displayed there
When adding a product to the invoice, you can now search by product name, comment, and now the brand hint works.
Now one branch can order goods from another branch and it will see this order and will be able to form documents for sending the goods directly from it.
The history adds a search mode for the product, where you can see the history of movement on a particular position.
You can now add the product to the completed order. That is, when the customer brings the return product, the replacement product can be added to the same order and sold, and the money can not be issued and left on the order.
Sales added the ability to search for sold goods by barcode.
In the statistics in the chart "Cash flow for the period" added a breakdown of expenditures into several bands: supplier payments, refunds to customers, costs.

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